The History of the Church

Taught at Spring Meadows Presbyterian Church in Las Vegas

9 Sessions

Suggested Reading List

  1. Church History in Plain Language by Bruce L. Shelley.
  2. Church History: The Rise and Growth of the Church in its Cultural, Intellectual, and Political Context. 2 vols. Vol. 1 by Everett Ferguson titled From Christ to the Pre-Reformation. Vol. 2 by John D. Woodbridge and Frank James III titled From Pre-Reformation to the Present Day.


For a much longer, more in-depth, and scholarly list see the bibliography in my book A False Kind of Christianity.

Excellent works that I have read in the past year since the publication of my book above that I would also recommend are:

  1. Protestants by Alec Ryrie.
  2. Defending the Faith D. G. Hart.
  3. Martin Luther by Lyndal Roper.
  4. Brand Luther by Andrew Pettegree.
  5. Martin Luther by Eric Metaxas


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