The last two months we looked at how and for whom we can pray in seeking
God’s glory in Las Vegas. What sorts of things might we see when God
brings renewal and displays His glory in a city?

A Vision for the City of Las Vegas: What it will Look Like

Family Renewal
Strong marriages are honored, and the single life is held in high esteem.
Hurting marriages and families are being healed.
Strong schools are provided for all the children of the city.
Child abuse has radically declined.
Sex within marriage is viewed as beautiful; the sex industry is closing down.
People are being healed sexually.
Widows and orphans are being cared for.

Marketplace/Cultural Renewal
Corruption and greed are declining in both private and public sectors.
There is increase in integrity, honesty and trust between landlords and tenants, management and labor, professionals and clients, merchants and customers.
Think tanks are springing up in various professions to explore how to practice medicine, art, finance, law, music, journalism, etc. in line with the Gospel.
Creative and corporate professionals are forming cooperative ventures for cultural productions and establishing new civic and business enterprises that will reflect the glory of God and improve the quality of life.
Christians are being heavily involved in the arts, music and media industries.
The universities in our city are being affected by the winsome ministry of the Gospel.
The Gospel is penetrating youth culture.

Social Renewal
Classes and races are experiencing reconciliation.
Individuals and institutions are publicly repenting for the self-justifying attitudes that use racism, classism and sexism to bolster self-esteem and oppress others.
Minority races and marginalized classes are sitenstrating an attitude of forgiveness and patience.
Respect/justice and patience/mercy are actively being practiced in relations between races and classes.
Those who previously considered themselves superior are repenting of their detachment and getting involved with the needs of the community.
Hundreds of cooperative efforts between the “haves” and communities of need are taking place to rebuild neighborhoods.

Church Renewal
Clear and powerful proclamation of the Gospel of grace is spreading through the city replacing legalism, liberalism and authoritarian cults.
Testimonies of changed lives are the talk of the town.
Unity within and between churches replaces splintering and conflicts, and causes unbelievers to marvel.
Balanced outreach of word and deed is meeting the needs of the city.
There is a greater unity of purpose and a spirit of cooperation and love between churches.
Numbers of new churches are being planted.

Over the past three months we have looked at renewal, how to pray, and have seen the vision for our city. With all these things in mind…

What Can You Do?

Pray regularly and persistently for the Holy Spirit to beautify Jesus in our eyes (Ex 33:12-19, particularly verse 18; 2 Co 4:6, Ps 67, Is 64:1-4, Ac 1:12-14; 4:23-31) and in the eyes of Las Vegans. This calls for a radical conviction of sin and a deep grasp of the free nature of grace. Pray for the establishment of more Gospel-driven churches in the Las Vegas area. Pray for Pastor Tim as he ministers Word and Sacrament.

Pray that we will be able to move into our new facility without unnecessary delay, as well as any other needs that are communicated. Pray for the chemistry to come together for new church plants. Pray for patience. Pray for leadership to develop.

Be involved in the lives of unbelievers; pray for them and build bridges with them simply because they are image-bearers of God. Seek to plug them into the community.

Strive by God’s grace to maintain a life of communion with God. That is, strive to be conformed to Christ’s image.

Be open and available to the Lord as to what ministry role He might have for you (ask God to show you this). We need people committed to being here. It takes time to build mass.

Give faithfully of your time, talent and treasure as you are enabled by God. This will call for a death of sorts (see 2 Co 4 and Jn 12:23-26). Church growth is not for the faint of heart. Life and vibrancy comes only through death. People must be willing to lay down their lives for a higher noble cause (the individual and corporate healing that the Gospel brings) in order for the Holy Spirit to be poured out.

Help with details—details are endless. We want to create a community where responsibility is delegated among the body.

Help create new venues to reach out (e.g. seminars, business luncheon seeker talks, etc.) What are the “nerve centers” and “people grapevines”? Pray that God would open doors to allow us to love and serve in those nerve centers as well as have outreach ministries like “Discovering Christianity” series.

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