Dinners of Eight – Sign Up

It’s time to sign up for Dinners of Eight.  These groups are designed to provide a once per month gathering around a meal  for sets of 8 adults– a mix of generations, singles, couples, spouses of members, regular attenders, etc.  Each group selects the day of the week that fits its own members’ schedules.  Many of the groups decide to meet on Friday or Saturday nights, but due to work & life schedules, we’ve had groups select Sunday afternoons, week day evenings, even Saturday morning breakfasts.   The purposes for Dinners of Eight include fellowship, building relationships within the body, even outreach.  Being part of a “regional church” means these groups allow us to get better acquainted with each other as we pray for and minister along side each other.   Dinners of Eight groups have been known to picnic, barbecue; create themes like fondu, Italian, Mexican, Asian; have a pool party or play pool,  and especially talk, talk, talk– and laugh lots!
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Current Sermon Series: David - A Man after God’s Own Heart

Worship Times

Worship Service begins at 10:30 a.m. every Sunday and are streamed live on our Facebook page.



Sunday School

Adult Sunday School lessons begin at 9:30 a.m. in our sanctuary, and are also streamed live on our Facebook page.


Our Location

4870 W. Oquendo Road
Las Vegas, Nevada  89118

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