Would you be interested in the following series of classes on “Knowing and sharing the gospel”?

Starting in October Mark Russell will facilitate a 7 week study on knowing and sharing the gospel which will equip you:

  • with the basic skills of how to explain that gospel to others in your own words
  • with a clear understanding and knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ

You’ll be doing a number of things over the 7 weeks:

✓  Learning how to adapt the story of the Bible to your own patterns of speech, so that you can explain your faith clearly and naturally in your own words in a variety of situations

✓  Deepening your understanding of the principles of sharing the gospel with others
✓  Learning prayerfulness for your non-Christian friends and family
✓  Thoroughly learning the content of the biblical gospel
✓  Receiving additional input about the inner logic and meaning of the gospel, and how the different truths of the gospel fit together

This will be a small-group study format, and we will decide on locations and times after it is determined who is interested in this course of study.  There will be course materials (book and audio lessons – appx $10.00 total) you will be responsible for purchasing, and financial assistance is available upon request. If you cannot make this round, don’t worry we will have this course again as the Lord raises up additional course leaders. Please email me to indicate if you are interested in attending!

Your fellow worker,

Mark Russell

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