Community Group Questions

Colossians 2:11-15

  1. Name some of the wildly different ideas about the meaning and purpose of baptism among professing Christians.



  1. How are old covenant precedents of baptism (circumcision) helpful to our understanding of baptism?



  1. How does baptism mark or distinguish us?



  1. How does baptism deal with our spiritual dirt?



  1. What is the relationship of baptism to justification by faith?



  1. Does being in covenant with God imply eternal salvation?



  1. Are children of believers members of the covenant community?



  1. How would you defend sprinkling or pouring to a baptistic friend?



  1. What does it mean to say baptism is sacramental?



  1. What are some significant conclusions that should come to mind at the celebration of baptism whether our own or that of others?
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