I received this email from Keith Robinson, a PCA church planter in town, who is starting a church plant work in the south side of the valley. He is seeking prayers on behalf of the congregation they move into a new space. If you would like to follow his blog, click here.

–On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 11:47 PM, Keith Robinson wrote:–

I’m inviting you all to join me for 13 days of prayer in preparation for our move to our new worship site on July 22. Could you take time each of the next 13 days to specifically pray for each of these concerns:

Tuesday, July 10 – Pray for final logistics to be worked out in a way that’s agreeable for both ourselves and the Ethiopian Church.

Wednesday, July 11 – Pray for wisdom in how to make our new presence in the community know (making/purchasing signage,  networking, internet, making new “business cards” for the church, etc.)

Thursday, July 12 – Pray for quick responses from those we’ll be contacting to be ready by the 22nd (I.e. insurance companies, printing companies, sign makers, etc.).

Friday, July 13 – Pray for those we know that would be open to a new church and service in the neighborhood.

Saturday, July 14 – Pray for protection from the Evil One as we prepare for our last week at UNLV

Sunday, July 15 – Pray for God’s anointing on the worship service and on those serving in it.

Monday, July 16 – Pray for eagerness among those who will begin serving in new ways at the new worship site.

Tuesday, July 17 – Pray for boldness as we invite friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. to the new service.

Wednesday, July 18 – Pray for God to be softening the hearts of those who see the new signs and are considering visiting.

Thursday, July 19 – Pray for those who were previously not considering us in our old location to be open to joining us at the more conventional location and time.

Friday, July 20 – Pray for a spirit of diligence in our preparation and for all logistics to be settled so our focus Sunday can be the people we’re asking God to bring to us.

Saturday, July 21 – Pray for Christians and non-Christians to have their curiosity piqued by the new church in the neighborhood.

Sunday, July 22 (before the service) – Pray that we can be the aroma of Christ and offer the welcome of Christ to those we meet.

I appreciate each and every one of you joining me in this time of preparation through prayer.

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